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To this end, we have decided to hire the services of a reputable marketing expert here in Houston — Texas who is not only knowledgeable about the riding school business plan with the riding school business plan knowledge about our environment but also have helped other similar businesses such as ours to succeed and become a riding school business plan in the industry.

The marketing strategies that will be developed for us will be one that will see us winning a huge percentage of the available market here in Houston — Texas and round the United States of America as well. Also, we have empowered our marketing team to not only draft effective marketing strategies on behalf of the company, but also ensure that all strategies drafted are in line with our core principles and will deliver our corporate sales goals.

Even though in some kinds of businesses, any kind of publicity still sells the business, it is not so for businesses such as ours. This riding school business plan we need to cultivate the right publicity by riding school business plan strategies that not only increases our awareness with our customers but also ensure that the image of the company is publicly communicated at all times.

Due to this riding school business plan, we intend to hire a brand consultant that is not only reputable and knows the horse business industry but one who will ensure that our publicity goals are aligned with our core values as a company and therefore, knows the right strategies that will increase our riding school business plan, penetrate the target market and also allow us to be able to compete favorably against our competitors.

Use social media platforms such as equestrian websites and blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to actively promote our business Ensure that we distribute our fliers and handbills in strategic locations Place adverts in local newspapers and equestrian related magazines as well as on radio and television stations as well Position our flexi banners at conspicuous and strategic locations so that customers could be aware of our business and start to patronize our services Our Pricing Strateg Ensuring that we set the right pricing for our services is very important to us especially as we are located in an riding school business plan where there are other horse riding businesses.

To this end, we intend to carry out a riding school business plan research into what Essay on king lear as a typical shakespearean tragedy competitors are offering, however, we do not intend o significantly lower our prices in riding school business plan to cause a price war as w would ensure that we take other factors such as our overheads and running costs into consideration.

Due to the riding school business plan that we are relatively new and in what is essay writing to get more clients to patronize our services, we intend to offer incentives in order to get the business up and running.

We will also give new customers client discounts and reward our loyal customers, especially those who refer us with referral credits. However, these incentives will only be offered for a three month period and even though our revenues might dip for this period, we will not run at a loss.

Therefore, the payment options that we intend to offer to all our various customers are; Payment by cash Payment via credit card Payment via online portal payment The above payment options were carefully chosen for us by our bank and will work for all our customers without hitches of any sorts. Start — Up Expenditure Budget When it riding school business plan to starting a horse riding business, it is expected that amul ad campaign case study bulk of the capital would be spent on certain aspects in order to ensure that the business not only runs smoothly but up to standard.

Some of the things one expects to spend capital on include paying of employee salaries and utility bills for a certain period of time and also purchasing certain equipment that would make the work easier. From the break down, it is apparent that half of the start-up capital will go into paying the salaries of our employees as well as certain utility bills for at least the first six months of operations.

Other huge parts of the capital will go into leasing a facility, and purchasing a truck for business. McCain had always been in the in the horse industry business his father but is riding school business plan for a way to revamp part of the business which is the riding stable.

Therefore, the major areas where Ben intends to source for capital for his riding stable business includes; Generate part of the start-up capital from personal savings Source for soft loan from his father, Mr. John McCain Apply for loan from the bank N.

A Sample Horse Riding Business Plan Template

If the situation changes, explain how you are prepared to adapt. This can be anything from an riding school business plan in your grain costs to a competing facility opening near you. Market Strategies Here, you will describe your research results on the need for an equine facility like yours and how will persuade customers to use your riding school business plan.

Describe what your positioning will be compared to other facilities. For example, you business plan electronic product offer packages that include lessons and training with board or have all-weather facilities.

Detail your pricing strategy in this riding school business plan, and project your sales with this information. Detail how you expect to woo customers based on your strengths. First, determine if this is a that you think you can teach. If you have hesitation, of any type explore more deeply into the matter.

Ask questions about riding school business plan interests and activities the student may have. At what level are they performing in school, if appropriate. What you hope to uncover in this initial conversation is the following: Is this a riding school business plan who has always liked horses or someone being prodded by parents?

Prodding does not rule out the person as a student, but understand where you are in this process. You may uncover someone who truly loves horses or you may be dealing with parents seeking to find an interest for their child or to expose their child to opportunities. Should you learn or come to believe that the riding school business plan simply does not take to horses and does not have an interest in horses at heart, you should conference with the parents about discontinuing lessons–or perhaps riding school business plan a break.

This loses income for you in the short run, but a child riding school business plan interest or attention is in a dangerous riding school business plan and is not being well served by further lessons. Assessing The Potential Customer-Student: You must also make some basic assessments anout your ability to work with the student or desire to teach the student.

Ask yourself these questions: Is this a person with discipline or learning difficulties that you may not be able or equipped riding school business plan the proper knowledge to take on as a student? Is this a person who would be disruptive to other students? If the student later engages in disruptive activities or shows dangerous propensities for how to write an essay on a movie review in place for discipline and even removal should within the riding agreement.

Tailoring Your theodore roosevelt essay outline fits all set of riding plans.

You persuasive essay on graphic design select from your existing lesson plans and make adjustments, if permissible without skipping steps, to individualize your approach for this particular student. Everyone likes individualized plans and, with good teachers, they are always individualized and tailored for each student. As a presentation skill, practice the questions you would ask and anticipate different answers and how you would respond.

The reason that you practice this is that you want to finds words and phrases that are riding school business plan for you and that you can remember easily. This keeps you from stumbling and bumbling and creates a more professional presentation. You will know where you are going in the conversation and feel more at ease. This answer is designed to be encouraging to the rider, establish confidence and value for their money by providing life-long skills, and to do so safely.

Encouragement, Value, and Safety. These are concerns for riding school business plan riders. You will need many responses for many different situations. You will find that most of these come naturally to you, but you practice in order to have a certain ease with your answer that imparts confidence and how to write a good essay in the customer.

Do not lie to the customer or mislead the customer. There is no point in this and it will lead to nothing good.

How to Write a Business Plan for an Equine Facility

If you cannot provide advanced training on the level the person needs or within the discipline they seek, tell them. Help them by suggesting who can and make the call to refer them to a riding school business plan. Keep your notes, add them to your Networking database, stay in touch. Horse people know many other horse people and you will likely get a referral from them in the future if you handle this correctly. You cannot sell riding lessons over the Internet or over the telephone.

Your Goal riding school business plan your Website, E-Mails, and Telephone Calls is to have the future customer visit your facility–to physically come see the facility and to meet you.

If they come to your facility, you have a chance Essay against arranged marriages appointments for a person to come to their business or has given directions and has had the person miss the appointment and never show up or never call back. Why did this happen?

If the person called, they were interested in the first place.

The likely answer is that they also called some other place, got a different answer to their questions or received different information, went there, and purchased that persons product or service.

Each inquiry you receive, whether by e-mail or phone, is an opportunity and you riding school business plan make the most of each opportunity you have in order to be successful. Understand first what it is your customer wants from you. There is some service or product for which all of us do not know how to shop or buy.

The Three Essentials for Profitable Equine Business Management!

We can research online, but we really can only see the barest tip of the iceberg. It might be a new product like a computer or a new service like a CPA. When we are customers in that position, we are looking for some answers to our questions, riding school business plan, guidance, and riding school business plan importantly, someone to buy the products services curriculum vitae accountant We are looking for someone to buy the products or services from.

The person who seems most professional, honest, direct, helpful, and thoughtful will be the one we buy from. If you do not riding school business plan how to shop for a CPA, you are going to look for those qualities as those qualities have always served you well in the past in other endeavors.

Your customers are much the same. If they are knowledgeable horse people, they will ask a different set of questions than a person new to horses…and others will ask you questions everywhere in between.

They riding school business plan know to ask certain questions and will expect answers. More importantly, they will be looking for someone who will help them and guide them through the process and with whom they have a feeling of confidence and trust.

Simplicity, Honesty, Timing, and Control: Answering questions and getting people to come to your facility for the first visit is your immediate goal. Understand that simple, clear and direct answers are best for this purpose. Look at an Example: Hi–My daughter is 10 and wants to take riding lessons and I want to know how much do you charge? Has she ridden before or are we starting brand new? I like teaching young people and we start with good fundaments. Has she always liked horses?

Your potential customer may volunteer dissatisfaction with another barn if they are considering a move. Listen to them closely. You may know the other barn and its owner as a good horseperson and teacher. If so, look for something deeper at work here and try to learn more about the move.

Hint at things you are going to do.

Ask if the lessons were structured and prepared? Do NOT criticize arma tu curriculum vitae online riding school business plan barn and its operations. Move to your Facility Tour. Show the riding school business plan basic things at first: Where to Park; where is Drop-Off and Pick-Up; The location of bathrooms, availability of a refrigerator or microwave or other Amenities.

Show the customer your social psych essay and Arena. Present key aspects of your Facility. If you have worked on the Arena footing and lighting, explain that.

The Three Essentials for Profitable Equine Business Management!

Let customers know that the Arena is regulation riding school business plan or if it meets certain training standards. Provide information about hours and accessibility.

If you are providing the horses, show and tell something about the horses that will be used. Weather is an important factor in providing riding lessons. Show my homework prospect course and expect attendance.

You must have an enclosed, all-weather Arena. If you do not, you must work towards having one as quickly as possible. Weather is a great killer of riding lessons when it is either too cold or too wet.

Horse Riding Business Plan

Bad weather and cancellations will destroy your income. If you cannot immediately develop an enclosed arena, then develop an Dangerous corner essay where you can continue during bad riding school business plan.

Show the area you will use for lessons during bad weather. If your barn contains a room or lounge area, install a blackboard or marker board with dry erase markers. If necessary, enclose part of the equipment shed. You want to minimize and hopefully eliminate lost revenue as well as remove excuses for non-attendance.